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Our Working Process

Fast Team Work

Teamwork truly allows Horsfall and Co. to do more with less. With teamwork we need less legal experts and fewer resources to achieve phenomenal outcomes. We’ve proved it over and over in team training exercises; This phenomenon is “Synergy”

Over 85% Cases fully dismissed

we see our Client's victory as being at the forefront of all our work and one of the main tools that keep us going is the satisfaction that our clients derives after any dismissed case in our favour. We also pursue public law challenges in all areas.

Excellent Client Relationship

As a dedicated quality orientated Law Firm, we recognize and appreciate our clients by developing a good working relationship with them and achieve the best result to their interest.

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We are delivering services that meet the specific and specialized interests of our distinguished clientele.

Municipal & International Law

We provide comprehensive advisory services in all aspects of Municipal and International law, including the formation of companies, partnerships and joint ventures, foreign investment, regulatory compliance issues, contentious and non-contentious liquidations, receiverships, labour law and immigration.

Business Law

We provide advice to companies and corporate shareholders in all aspects of business, including schemes of arrangement, restructuring and re-organisation, either as part of new investments or existing investments. We represent our clients in any business matter.

We consult on Petroleum, Oil & Gas

We are experienced in Oil and Gas matters, we are consistently ranked in the top tier by major legal directories. Our skills and experience gained by our team from several landmark assignments throughout the Oil and Gas sector present our clients with a unique one-stop service for oil and Gas related issues.


For all our Services, our performance so far has been really outstanding. Please take a look.

Knowledge Base

We are very vast in our fields, we know our onion

Quality of Service

We give you the best Legal Services and guidance


Our word is our bond, and we always keep to it.Try us today.

Customer Support

We have an unbeatable 24/7 customer support.


Still not convinced, hear the testimonies from our esteemed clients.

Their Lawyers combine great legal skill and massive compassion for those who are victims of Oil and Gas issue.They are not intimated by the size of the corporation or the size of the law firm that is defending the case.Integrity and dedication are the two words that best describe this law firm.

Simon Kris - Gas Explorer

Horsfall & Co is a great Law Firm that knows how to resolve cases, either through settlement or trial, they are the best Law Firm I have ever known,they build a relationship with you so fast,I highly recommend them to anyone who needs any Legal guidance in any part of the World.

Ibara Lucy - IT Consultant